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5 Best Career Options after BA: What to do After BA? [2022]

Are you considering opting for B.A Course? However, you are in a dilemma what are the options that you will have after pursuing a B.A successfully.

So in this article, we will look into some of the prominent career options after B.A. If you are wondering about jobs after BA or career options after BA, you might get surprised to see some careers we’ve mentioned here, so read on and let us know what you think.

Career Options after BA

Study Further in your Subject (MA): One of the most preferable career option after B.A is doing M.A. Thus, if you are highly interested in the subject that you are studying in B.A you can enroll in M.A course in your favorite subject. MA degree is immensely beneficial if you want to become a teacher however, you need to appear for NET/TET examination for that subject, too, if you want to teach at schools or colleges.

Become a Manager (MBA): MBA is one of the most popular course in India. The reason why so many people choose MBA is numerous career options that one can get after pursuing MBA course. An MBA can help you in both public & private enterprises. MBA teaches you about management, administration, and organization. It shows you how you can solve complex problems a business faces in its daily life. So after completing B.A degree, you can enroll in MBA distance learning program and ensure a bright future ahead of yourself.

Learn Digital Marketing (PG Certification): This list would be incomplete if we don’t talk about Digital Marketing. Nowadays online businesses are growing after Covid19. This industry is thriving as a lot of companies are evolving and coming on Social Media. Thus, pursuing this course will open a plethora of Job opportunities for you

Specialize in Business Analytics: If you are interested in solving day to day problems using latest technology, then you can enroll in Business Analytics course. Business analytics focuses on investigating and exploring past business performance to get insight and make plans accordingly. They use past data and study it to help businesses in taking the right decision to enhance their business.

Become a Data Scientist (Diploma in Data Science): People have the misconception that you need to have a science degree to pursue Data Scientist course, however, it is wrong, you can pursue Data Scientist course with BA degree. Data Science is the field of using systems, algorithms, and scientific methods to extract insights from unstructured and structured data. It finds applications in data mining, big data, as well as deep learning.

Become a Lawyer (LLB): One of the most prevalent career option after BA is Law. To become a lawyer in India you need LLB degree. After successfully completing the degree you can become a practitioner lawyer.

So these are some of the career options after BA, thus, if you want to do BA course then enroll now in our Distance Learning BA Program.

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